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Free vs. Pay

I have a free LJ account.  Which means, when I sign-on, there's a 45 second advert in my face every time.  I've developed the habit of opening a quick game, or turning away to something else for that time, thus robbing them of my eyeballs.  However this doesn't lessen the minor frustration which sent me to adopt this new habit.

I am signing on less to LJ than before, so my behavior is altering because of these adverts.  So LJ is probably on its way out of my life.  How long till I never log-in again is anyone's guess.  The people running LJ have to know this is annoying and that Face Book is free and more in line with how people really wish to communicate with one another, but they appear to have not calculated the price of forcing the adverts on people like me when I sign-in.

Off to Twitter...
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Not speechless, but...

i was innocently skipping along when suddenly:

some part of my mind was certain this was a mock rap spoof.  Take skinhead youth trailer trash from South Africa and vomit up some music.  This was real.  These people believe in themselves.  So it morhped in my mind to some interpretation of a punk dutch smeagol.  There's a knifepoint at my reptile brain, tickling something.  I'd probably be much better off if my knowledge of South Africa had more depth than "A Lesson from Aloes", "District 9", and the apartheid protests from the 80's.  No time right now for a good look at South African history, but I should find some books for later ( suggestions welcome). 

It's like a trainwreck that I have an urge to dance to:

I'm going to continue looking into these people till I find an answer to a question I don't have a definition for, or my head explodes, or a discovery of something sinister and wrong way beyond my level of edge-play or ethics. 

Or maybe I'm just reading a bunch of crap into this because of where I'm sitting now.

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It has been a good year (politically) to be an U.S. Citizen

And here's why:

Despite the fact that clove cigarettes have been otlawed, this has been a very good year, cause the seeds of many bettter years have been planted, some of whichhave already sprouted from the ground.  YMMV, and I don't care.

P.S.  I'm still cell phone deprived and maintaining my moral high ground while retreating.
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A Forgotten Apology

TrinSF is correct. I did not apologize for that thoughtless moment.

I apologize for cancelling my WFC plans and not thinking about the parallel commitment to volunteer at the Spiral Dance. I am sorry.
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Memory and Apologies

A funny thing happened last night (in hindsight, and only because I was forgiven). I had been asked by someone I care about, who I consider myself close to, to pick them up after I finished presiding over the LASFS meeting on my way to dinner at Coral Cafe. I was even thoughtfull, and texted this person when I knew there'd be some delay. Round 11:00 p.m. I receive 2 texts, one asking me how long I'll be (sent 30 minutes previous but only just received) and one from a minute ago informing me that they were being picked up and would be at Coral in a few minutes.

I had completely forgotten this person and that this person was waiting for me. When said person arrived, by the kind efforts of another, I apologised in front of the entire room for my thoughtlessness.

Since the subject of my forgetting another person's invitation to visit them on thier dollar has been posted to the previous LJ post, I will also offer a public apology in this forum.

Lynx, Your offer to pay for my visiting you disappeared from my mind. I offer no excuse for my behavior. I am sorry that this happend.